Chimps use branch as ladder to escape Belfast Zoo enclosure



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BELFAST, UNITED KINGDOM — The Belfast Telegraph reports that a couple of naughty chimps broke out of their enclosure at the Belfast Zoo and scared the bejesus out of several visitors.

The clever primates staged the escape in broad daylight, using a tree branch as a makeshift ladder to scale the high walls of their enclosure.

While most chose to just hang out on the enclosure walls, at least one mischievous monkey was spotted sauntering outside, to the shock of zoo goers.

Luckily, the animals were quite chill, and didn't get aggressive with anyone.

Belfast Zoo manager Alyne Cairns told the BBC the chimps were "quite cowardly " and knew they weren't supposed to be out.

"The cheeky chimps went back into their enclosures themselves, and were later locked in the inner enclosure for their shenanigans.

According to The Guardian, zookeepers believe trees in the chimpanzee enclosure had been weakened by recent storms, which made it easier for the animals to break them off.

The chimps may have taken pointers from Amber the red panda cub, who snuck out last month following an electric fence failure. She was eventually found in a garden less than a mile from the zoo.
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