Child bride? This kindergarten owner falls for an 8-year-old but ended up being fleeced by her mother

The practice of child bride was once common in Taiwan about 100 years ago, but apparently one man still thinks it’s acceptable in 2014.


NSFW    The practice of taking a child bride was common in Taiwan about 100 years ago, but apparently one man still thinks it’s acceptable in the 21st century.

The man, 43-year-old Yu Jun-kuan (余俊寬), owns a private kindergarten. He has been running the school since 2002 after obtaining a masters degree in international relations in Japan.

Yu told reporters that 11 years ago, he met a woman and her 8-year-old daughter, surnamed Ji (紀). He thought Ji was very cute, and jokingly told the mother that he would like to marry her when she turned 18. The mother allegedly accepted his ‘proposal’, and 3 years later signed a ‘marriage contract’ with him on the girl’s behalf.

Yu said since then, he had spent 11 years waiting for his future bride while supporting her financially. The man said the girl’s mother had repeatedly asked him for money - totaling USD$30,000 - to support herself and the little girl, saying that he should pay up as part of the marriage contract. The money went to pay for the girl’s tuition, clothes, cellphone, and even the mother’s court fees when she got involved with a married man.

However, three years ago, he found out the then 16-year-old girl was already married and had a child. Yu then decided to sue the mother and daughter for fraud.

Prosecutors yesterday dismissed the case saying that the marriage contract was not legally binding. However, lawyers say that while Yu was unable to sue Ji’s mother for fraud, he can use the 20-something IOU notes she had written him to ask her for the money back.

Ji’s mother has since disappeared and is unreachable for comment.
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