Chemical mist burns UK beachgoers' eyes, makes them puke

The BBC reports that 133 beachgoers received hospital treatment after a chemical haze landed on a UK beach on Sunday.


NSFW    BIRLING GAP, UNITED KINGDOM — Dozens of beachgoers received hospital treatment after a chemical mist hit the Birling part of the southern British coast on Sunday.

People began complaining about sore eyes and throats when a gaseous haze hit the popular beach area. One man told the BBC that his eyes began to hurt after he went swimming in the water near Birling Gap.

The affected area was near Eastbourne on the south British coast. The BBC reports that similar past hazes have come from an industrial installation in France.

Witnesses described it as smelling like chlorine. As of Sunday night, 133 people had received treatment. Those affected reportedly suffered painful eyes and throats, breathing difficulties and some were also vomiting.
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