Check out the crazy, sky-high solution to New York's congestion problem

Is the newly proposed plan to connect New York’s boroughs via a sky gondola just a fanciful pipe dream or could it possibly work?


NSFW    A New York City real estate developer last week unveiled a proposal to build a multi-phase, high-speed aerial gondola that could connect Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens that is aimed at reducing the city's subway congestion.

The proposed gondola system, dubbed the East River Skyway, is expected to travel over New York City at between 12-17 miles per hour.

According to real estate firm CityRealty, who revealed the proposal, the gondola could ferry commuters from Brooklyn to Manhattan in less than four minutes.

Pitched as eco-friendly, the emission-free gondolas are said to be able to carry more than 5,000 passengers per hour in either direction.

The first phase of the project would partly run alongside to the Williamsburg bridge, and would connect lower Manhattan with Brooklyn's Williamsburg and Navy Yard neighborhoods, costing an estimated $100 million.

While many major questions, related to governance, financing and even the locations of the proposed stations, remain unanswered, the project appears to be gaining some public support.
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