Cheating spouses beware! This business tycoon's wife took his mistress to court after finding his sexts

A Taiwanese tycoon was busted by his wife for cheating, after the wife discovered racy texts his mistress had sent him.


NSFW    A Taiwanese business tycoon was busted by his wife for cheating, after she discovered racy texts his mistress had sent him.

Cheng Yue-tsai (鄭越才), a real estate mogul who owns a luxury resort in the eastern Taiwanese city Taitung, began traveling to China in 2000 to expanded his business.

The 61-year-old hired a woman 23-years his junior, surnamed Yu (俞), to help him expand the business.

When the two returned to Taiwan, they allegedly began an illicit affair.

Though Cheng’s wife suspected what was going on, she didn’t have evidence to back it up. That is, until the businessman bought a new cell phone in 2012.

His wife inspected his old device and stumbled upon saucy messages Ms. Yu had sent to Cheng. She also came across a few dozen photos dating back to 2010 of the business associates “closing a few deals”.

Cheng eventually copped to the whole thing, and admitted to his wife he had rented an apartment in Taipei to hook up with Ms. Yu on the regular.

Taipei’s District Court recently sentenced Yu to four months in prison for adultery. The prison term, however, will be waived if she pays a US$4000 fine.

As for the photos, although Yu has claimed that as a law degree holder, she would never in a million years be so stupid as to take incriminating photos of herself, the judge rebutted her claims as the evidence apparently proved pretty clear.

In addition to a possible stint in jail, the judge ruled she’ll have to pay Cheng’s wife a whopping US$23,000 to compensate her. She can still appeal though.
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