Cheating douchebag tries to protect naked mistress from pissed off wifey

A cheated wife seeks revenge on the homewrecker by stripping her off in public. The unfaithful husband came to protect her, covering the naked woman with his shirt.


NSFW    An unfaithful married man was caught by his wife out shopping with his mistress in Henan Province in China. Now the unfaithful man wants a divorce. His wife apparently wants to stay together because the couple have a child together.

On one occasion, the man brought his mistress home and then beat his wife in front of her. His wife then got her relatives to go and look for the mistress at her place of employment, the shopping mall.

When they ran into the mistress on the street, they started to strip her clothes off. After the cheating husband heard about the assault, he rushed to the scene and covered his naked mistress with his body and his shirt. How romantic!!
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