Cecil the Lion's son killed by trophy hunter in Zimbabwe

The 6-year-old male lion named Xanda was killed last week not far from the spot where his father Cecil was shot dead two years ago.


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HARARE, ZIMBABWE — One of Cecil the Lion's sons has been shot dead by trophy hunters in Zimbabwe.

The 6-year-old male named Xanda was killed last week not far from the spot where his father was taken two years ago, the Telegraph reported.

Xanda's death came to light because he was wearing an electronic collar that was fitted by researchers to track his movements.

Professional hunter Richard Cooke, who was also involved in the killing of Xanda's 4-year-old brother in 2015, handed the collar back to the researchers.

Xanda's death gets the OK from the authorities in Zimbabwe because he was aged over 6 and had strayed outside the protected area of a National Park.

Xanda had seven cubs under his watch and scientists warn they could now be killed by the male lion that replaces him as head of the pride, the Times reported.

The death of Cecil the Lion caused uproar in 2015 after he was killed by an American dentist who paid $65,000 dollars for the dubious privilege.

The Humane Society International have started an online petition urging Zimbabwe not to allow Xanda's remains to leave the country as a hunting trophy.
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