CDC grosses the internet out with a photo of ticks on a muffin

Grossed-out Twitter users said they may never see poppy seed muffins the same way again.


NSFW    TWITTER — A tweet by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about ticks grossed out the internet this week, causing the post to go viral.

As May is approaching again in the U.S., it means the start of a three-month span during which more people will get tick bites.

On May 4, the CDC used a photo of a poppy muffin to compare the size of a tick to a poppy seed, then asked Twitter users to see if they could spot where 5 ticks were on the tasty treat.

These tiny critters carry numerous diseases, most notably, lyme disease. Such diseases are transmitted through the ticks' saliva.

If not treated, Lyme disease can produce severe arthritis or cause neurological or cardiac problems.

The CDC attached a link in the post to show how to prevent tick bites, like pour peppermint oil or vaseline on the tick to release it from the skin. The article also explains how to avoid ticks by avoiding wooded areas and provided instructions on how to wash your clothes after spending a day outside.

But grossed-out Twitter users instead focused on the muffin, saying they may never see poppy seed muffins the same way again.

On Monday, the CDC responded the reactions with this post "Sorry we ticked some of you off! Don't let a tick bite ruin your summer."
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