CDC advises people not to wash, reuse condoms

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention sent out a tweet last week warning Americans to stop washing and reusing their Trojans.


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ATLANTA, GEORGIA — It may be 2018, but Americans still need to be told to not reuse their rubbers.

On the one hand, the Yanks at least know they ought to put on love gloves when they bang. But some folks who are either cheap, stupid, or misguidedly environmentally friendly have apparently taken to washing and reusing their Trojans, reports Fox 2 Now.

Not only is it gross, but it also stops being useful protection against STDs, unwanted pregnancies, and other nasties.

It's probably no coincidence that chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis cases in the States have recently reached record highs. So much so that last week, the CDC had to tweet out what should've been pretty obvious advice, basically reminding people that their Durexes are single-use.

There's ways to get prophylactics cheap or free, so please, for humanity's sake, put on a fresh one each time you're expecting action.
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