CCTV shows vandal motorbike rider rammed by car in hit-and-run

CCTV footage released by police show a motorcyclist on a neighborhood crime spree minutes before getting nudged real hard by a car.


NSFW    PINXTON, UNITED KINGDOM — Derbyshire police have released CCTV footage showing the moment a motorbike rider was rammed by a car into a parked van.

According to the Derbyshire Constabulary, the incident, which happened a year ago on June 15, left rider Ashley Wood unconscious on the road with serious injuries.

The footage not only captures Wood's accident, but also his shenanigans minutes before the collision.

The 29-year-old had been wreaking havoc in Pinxton, kicking off car wing mirrors and speeding along the pavement. Police say he was also driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs, and with no license or insurance during his criminal spree.

At some point, Wood is seen zipping past an orange Fiat Punto on the road, which promptly makes a U-ey.

The Punto drives after him before eventually ramming him head-on into a parked van. It then backs up and mounts the pavement in a dramatic escape.

Wood spent a week in the hospital as a result of the collision, and later charged for his offenses. He plead guilty to all charges and was recently sentenced to 8 months in the slammer, suspended for 18 months. He's also facing a 12-month driving ban.

The orange Punto that hit Wood was later found burnt out in a layby, but police have yet to figure out who the driver was.

They say the investigation is ongoing, and that the video was released as an appeal for information.
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