Cat sneaks into washing machine, survives full wash cycle

That's one major cat—astrophe avoided.


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ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA — A Minnesota feline dodged a major CAT—astrophe after sneaking into a washing machine and then getting stuck in the washer for a full cycle.
According to Fox News, Stefani Carrol-Kirchoff was washing some clothes last Wednesday when her one-year-old cat Felix hopped into the machine while the door was open.
According to CNN, Carroll-Kirchoff shut the washer without checking. She set the machine to express wash—warm water, cold rinse—and left.
Who knows how many lives Felix used up during his extended rinse, but it clearly wasn't his time to go.
After the cycle was finished thirty-five minutes later, Stefani noticed the clothes were still wet, so was just about to shut the door again—when she heard a meow and noticed a single white paw protruding out from the wet laundry.
CNN reported she quickly got the soaking wet cat out and called her father, who raced them to the Animal Emergency and Referral Center of Minnesota.
Felix's lost his vision temporarily and had pneumonia from all the water in his lungs, but he's a champ and is recovering.
He can now see and has started eating, although he still remains on oxygen.
According to the vets, it's just a matter of time before Felix makes a PURR-fect recovery.
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