Cat in China parking lot working towards washboard abs

The cat was caught on video working it in a Beijing parking lot.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

BEIJING — A fluffy white cat in China was caught on camera in a parking lot trying to get swole.
According to Next Shark, the ferocious feline workout took place on Nov. 22 in Beijing.
In a clip posted to China's Twitter knockoff Weibo, the cat is seen chilling on the ground with his hind legs pushed up against the back of a car.
The cat then proceeds to crank out sit-ups at a super speed, no doubt working toward a chiseled washboard.
Unfortunately, the cat's killer set was interrupted when two men happened to walk by, startling the four-legged sit-up machine.
The video of the jacked cat has since gone viral in Pandaland.
Who knows what's next for the cat—maybe arms or legs?
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