Cat burglar sneaks persians out of Taiwan pretending to be pregnant

The old cats under the shirt trick.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

TAIPEI — A cat burglar pulled off a near purr-fect caper by sneaking two Persian cats out of Taoyuan Airport, stuffing them under her shirt to make it look like she was preggers.

According to Apple Daily, security camera footage viewed by po po shows 35-year-old Li Yanting from Hong Kong leaving an airport bathroom with a baby bump she didn't have when she went in.
Li then strolled the security check without so much as a meow from the little ones.
Apparently, the police were tipped off after Chang Chinyi, a cat breeder in Taipei, found that two of her expensive Persian kittens had been cat-napped by Li.
According to Chang, Li wanted to buy three Persian cats from Chang, so on four different occasions, came to Taipei to stay with Chang to learn how to care for the cats.
But after a few visits, Chang realized Li just wanted to buy some expensive felines, but not take care of them, so she refused to sell her the Persians.
So, how did Li take it? She broke into Chang's apartment and stole two of the kittens, then hightailed it back to Hong Kong.
Chang was able to get a hold of Li over Messenger, and after some back and forth, got Li to admit to the kitty caper and agree to return them to one of Chang's friends in HK.
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