Castrated Chinese husband forgives his wife


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A Chinese man whose penis was cut off by his wife during his sleep has managed to forgive her, despite the pain.

The man’s wife threatened to kill herself by drinking insecticide during a fight last year. To prove his deep love for her, the man chopped off his index finger on his left hand with a cleaver.

Deciding this display of loyalty was inadequate, she drugged her husband’s milk with sleeping pills. She then went through recordings of their fights on her cellphone and suspected he was being unfaithful. In a fit of rage, she castrated her husband with scissors while he slept and then flushed his manhood down the toilet.

Although he decided to overlook the incident, his wife was charged with intentional injury. She is now living under surveillance at her home and faces a three-year sentence.

The man has surgery to repair his urethra but must now squat to urinate.

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