Cargo ship mysteriously catches on fire on its way to Hawaii

A car carrier was on its way from Japan to Hawaii when a fire broke out on New Years' Eve, with 16 of its 21 crew members already rescued.


NSFW    HONOLULU, HAWAII — A Panamanian car carrier ship was traveling from Japan to Hawaii when a fire suddenly broke out on the cargo ship on New Year's Eve.
The 650-foot vessel Sincerity Ace was around 2,000 miles northwest of Oahu at the time of the incident, Hawaii News Now reports.
The Coast Guard, the Navy and two other commercial vessels rushed to the car carrier and managed to rescue 16 out of 21 crew members.
The ship remains adrift at sea while rescuers rush to save the remaining crew members.
Two crew members are still missing, while three others were located in the water and found unresponsive and "unable to grab onto life-saving equipment," according to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.
Rescuers are currently dealing with winds of up to 17 miles-per-hour and waves of up to 15 to 18 feet in length.
In a statement, the Coast Guard did not specify what caused the fire on the car carrier.
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