Cargo ship breaks in two after hitting sea wall off French coast


NSFW    A Spanish cargo ship called “The Luno” broke into two pieces on Wednesday (February 5) after smashing into sea wall off the south-western coast of France, some fuel has reportedly leaked into the ocean but the main cargo holds, which mostly carry fertilizers, were later found to be empty; happy news for officials who had worried they were facing a potential eco-disaster.

Spanish cargo ship the Luno crashed into a sea wall Wednesday near Anglet, France. The ship suffered engine failure not long after leaving a Spanish port, and the ship began to drift towards the French coast before slamming into the wave-breaking sea wall.

The ship then broke into two pieces, with one section drifting towards the shore. All twelve crew member were rescued by helicopter and no serious injuries were reported. One crew member reportedly hurt their nose during the rescue however, and all 12 of the rescued individuals were taken to hospital as a precaution.

Fears that the Luno could leak its cargo of fertilizer were later dispelled after confirmation the ship was empty. It’s not yet known what type of fertilizer the Luno generally carries, but the confirmation that it was empty at the time of the accident was welcome news for both French and Spanish authorities.

Authorities are concerned about the roughly 160 cubic meters of fuel in the vessel, some of which has leaked into the sea. A maritime pollution alert was issued after the wreck was discovered to be leaking an unknown quantity of fuel oil into the ocean.

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