Cape Town might completely run out of water

Cape Town really needs some water.


NSFW    CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA — Cape Town is running out of water and implemented new water restrictions on Thursday.

Residents are being asked to reduce their daily water use to 50 liters down from an already restricted 87 liters, CNN reported.

Officials are predicting if reservoir levels continue to fall as expected, Cape Town will run dry by April 16, which is being called "Day Zero."

With 50 liters, a person could use 18 liters for dishes & laundry, 15 liters for a 90 second shower, 9 liters for one toilet flush, 3 liters for hygiene, 2 liters for cooking, 2 liters for drinking water and 1 liter for pets.

Several factors have contributed to the water crisis. The city has been experiencing a three year drought.

Some residents have also not cut back on their water use. Only around 55 percent of Capetonians have been sticking to their water allowance, according to South African officials.

The city is now working to improve its water infrastructure by rushing to construct desalination, aquifer and water-recycling projects.

If the government declares Day Zero, water will be shut off for the city until it rains again. Residents will only be allowed 25 liters, to be collected from one of 200 stations.
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