Cannibal turns himself in, yelling he's 'tired of eating human meat'

A man in South Africa claims he was being held hostage and forced to consume human flesh supposedly as part of a get-rich plot.


NSFW    ESTCOURT, SOUTH AFRICA — A cannibal got so sick of consuming people meat, he surrendered gave himself up to the cops.

It was just another day at the Estcourt police station in South Africa until a man walked in, yelling for help because he was "tired of eating human body parts," South African online news site News24 reported.

The man claimed he was being forced to consume human flesh, and to the cops' horror, promptly pulled out a severed hand and a maggot-infested foot from a pink school bag. He put them on the counter as proof of his horror story.

He then led the police to a small house where he was allegedly being held hostage. Behind a curtain of the one-room abode were several containers filled with human parts and "muthi," traditional South African medicine.

According to local authorities, three other men were arrested after the alleged cannibal's confession accused of murder and possession of human body parts. Their victim was a 24-year-old woman who was found dismembered under large rocks. These types of killings are called "Muthi Murders" and are often conducted in hopes they will bring fortune to the perpetrator.

One of the accused died earlier this year in an apparent suicide while awaiting trial, South Africa's Sunday Times reported.
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