Canine influenza outbreak in Michigan

The number of canine influenza cases has increased to 49 this year compared to only nine last year.


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MICHIGAN — The number of canine influenza confirmed cases in Michigan has risen to 49 since mid-July, reports WNDU.

According to AVMA, dogs can get canine influenza after being exposed to the H3N8 or H3N2 virus.

It is a respiratory infection which can be caused by sniffing or licking dogs who have the virus or by sharing food and water with those dogs.

Sick dogs who are coughing or sneezing may also pass on the virus to healthy dogs.

Dogs may also be exposed to the virus by humans whose clothings or skin have been contaminated with the it.

Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development mentioned in a news release, symptoms may include fever, discharge from the eyes or nose, and coughing along with lethargic behavior."

However, canine influenza can also be prevented with a vaccine.

James Averill, Michigan's state veterinarian, told Michigan Live, "It's important that dog owners work with their veterinarians to protect their dogs."
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