Canadian rapper dies while trying plane wing stunt for music video

That's what happens when you try to live life on the edge — you fall off.


NSFW    BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — A Canadian rapper was attempting to perform a stunt on the wing of an airplane when things went real south.
According to CTV News, Jon James McMurray had apparently been training intensively for months to walk on the wing of a small Cessna while rapping.
While filming on Saturday, James made his way out onto the wing which caused the Cessna to suddenly plunge into a downward spiral that the pilot couldn't correct.
James was wearing a parachute, but held onto the plane for too long. When he finally let go of the aircraft, it was too late to deploy his parachute.
The 34-year-old landed in a hay field and instantly went to meet his maker. The plane was eventually able to land safely.
The ex-professional skier was a fan of extreme sports like skydiving, base-jumping and BMX.
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