Canadian man sorry for eating his pet pig Molly

Canadian man says he's sorry for eating his pet pig after getting slammed online.


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA — A man who adopted a potbellied pig, but then ate it, is now apologizing after getting slammed online.
Molly the pig was one of 57 oinkers rescued and nursed back to health by the BC SPCA. She was adopted in January, and dinner by February.
In a since-deleted Facebook post, the man said Molly tried to break through a glass door and was aggressive towards a dog.
The man and his girlfriend then did what most animal lovers would do, they made Molly into Canadian bacon.
The bro is now apologizing after receiving some very un-Canadian-like messages online and over the phone. Ah — so you know it's sincere.
Needless to say, the BC SPCA was less than pleased when they found out, and so was the rest of Canada, eh?
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