Can we find a solution to traffic jams?

Business and academia teamed recently to tackle an annoyance every driver faces: traffic jams.


NSFW    DEARBORN, MICHIGAN/NASHVILLE,TENNESSEE — New research by Ford and Vanderbilt University may have a new solution to traffic jams.

So-called "phantom" traffic jams occur when a driver at the head of a pack of cars slows for an unknown reason. The halting action ripples to all following vehicles causing them to also slow or stop.

Ford and Vanderbilt University researchers recently tested Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) as a means of dealing with phantom traffic jams This system monitors traffic flow and adjusts speed accordingly. Ford say no traffic jam occurred when ACC was switched on.

Another method of reducing congestion, according to CNET, is ramp metering. This system uses traffic signals to manage the flow of traffic while vehicles waiting on an on-ramp.

Some areas in Ontario, Canada uses High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes to lessen congestion. Motorists there can pay a premium to access these lanes in high-traffic areas that can quickly become congested.
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