California man deliberately runs over dog with car [UNCENSORED]


NSFW    Aww! Animals!

A California man has been charged with animal cruelty after a surveillance camera captured him running over his own family’s chihuahua, Cow Cow, then speeding off while the animal twitched until it died.

Michael David Parker, 45, was arrested Friday. He admitted to being the man in the video, though he claimed to have killed the dog by accident.

The graphic video shows otherwise, however. In it, Parker is seen driving into an alley. He gets out of the car and opens the trunk. He then appears to take Cow Cow out of it, then lets the dog down onto the street. Cow Cow comes around to the front of the car, then Parker, already back behind the wheel, deliberately swerves to run the small dog down.

Coco rolls several times as Parker drives away, then comes to a rest. Blood pours out of the dog’s mouth and its legs twitch. Cow Cow eventually succumbs to the injuries.

Cow Cow’s dead body was left in the alley for several days and someone in the area wrapped in a plastic bag. A resident reported the animal dead, and after seeing the incident in surveillance camera footage, called the police.

It is suspected that Parker killed Cow Cow because his was angry at his estranged wife, Olga. The two had been in a conflict over property the couple owned and reports indicate Parker may have killed the dog in an act of revenge.

The couple had another dog, Lucky, and Olga has reported that that dog has also gone missing.
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