California ban on foie gras still in effect after 15 years

The U.S. Supreme court has rejected a challenge to the ban on foie gras in the state of California.


NSFW    CALIFORNIA — The U.S. Supreme court has rejected a challenge to California's 2004 ban on foie gras, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Foie gras was outlawed in California after animals rights groups fought for a ban on the french delicacy, the New York Times reports.

Even though foie gras was banned in 2004, full enforcement of the ban only started in 2012. Legal challenges resulted in it being suspended and reinstated numerous times over the past six years in California, according to SFGate.

Now, it is illegal to sell or produce foie gras in California as the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear the case against the ban.Violators of the ban will be fined up to US$1,000 if they are caught selling foie gras.

To make foie gras, a metal tube is forced down the throat of a duck or a goose to enable forced feeding. This process is called "gavage," according to One Green
The animals are then force-fed grain until their liver fattens to 10 times its size. The animals are eventually then slaughtered and their liver is cooked into a pate.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund's staff attorney Kelsey Eberly told SFGate that they were "absolutely thrilled" at the Supreme Court's decision to not hear the case against the ban.

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