Cafe uses eco-friendly 'lukay' straws made from coconut leaves

These sustainable straws are made from palm leaves or coconut leaves.


NSFW    SURIGAO DEL NORTE, PHILIPPINES — A cafe in the Philippines has received global attention for using a 'Lukay' straw in the place of plastic straws, according to

The eco-friendly straws are made from palm or coconut leaves.

Sarah Tiu, the manager of Cafe Editha told Inquirer she got inspired by the locals after going on a family trip to Corregidor Island in Siargao[e][f], Philippines. There she saw the locals cutting up the leaves and making straws.

Tiu said she was aiming to make her cafe plastic-free so this was the perfect solution. She said she had previously tried to use stainless steel straws and paper straws in her cafe but customers didn't enjoy them. Tiu started using the Lukay straws in her cafe just this week and shared photos on Facebook.

The post went viral and online commentators were quick to react, praising her for the aesthetics and the eco-friendly nature of the straw.

Previously, supermarkets in Thailand and Vietnam were in the news for their eco-friendly vegetable packaging which used coconut leaves.
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