Buzzfeed reporter says foreigners shouldn't celebrate LNY

Unless they get an invite.


NSFW    TAIPEI — A Taiwanese BuzzFeed reporter based in London decided to hop on the cultural appropriation bus by tweeting out that only people from countries that celebrate Lunar New Years get to observe the holiday.
According to Taiwan News, on Feb. 7, BuzzFeed reporter Kassandra Cho tweeted out, "friendly reminder that you don't get to celebrate lunar new year unless you're literally from a country that does or if you are invited by someone who is from a country that does."
Cue the outrage and hilarity. Thousands of responses then blew up Cho's thread like Lunar New Year's firecrackers.
Twitter user Andy Wang posted, "I hereby formally invite everyone to celebrate lunar new year."
Nazi pug guy Count Dankula was then kind enough to point out how ironic it was that Cho had previously written articles on how Taiwan celebrates Halloween, considering Asians didn't invent Halloween.
Cho's tweet has since racked up 2,183 likes and over 8,800 comments.
Clearly it's not that big of a deal either way. Celebrate Lunar Year Year or don't celebrate Lunar New Year.

Just for the love of Christ don't call it Chinese New Year, because it's not their new year.
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