Burger King robbery fail: Employee steals stupid criminals' car!


NSFW    In this robbery gone wrong, two dumb criminals who tried to rob a Burger King in Stockton, California were thwarted by an employee who stole their car.

Police say the suspects, identified as Gabriel Gonzalez, 19, and Jeremy Lovitt, 23, ran into the Burger King, pulled out guns and demanded money from the cashier. While they were holding up the cashier, an unidentified Burger King employee snuck out the back door and found that the suspects had left the keys in their car, which was running. The employee jumped into the car and drove it around the corner, where he hid it in a field.

When Lovitt and Gonzalez exited the Burger King, they noticed that their car was missing. They panicked and ran toward the field, where they were arrested shortly thereafter.

“I haven’t heard of any employee actually leaving a business, getting inside the suspect vehicle and trying to hide it,” said Stockton police officer Joe Silva.

“The quick action from this employee did allow our officers to get on scene and arrest the suspects,” Silva added.

It’s safe to say the would-be burger bandits didn’t have it their way at Burger King.
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