Burger King offers terminally ill dog cheeseburgers for life

A Burger King in Ohio is treating a cancer-stricken dog with plain cheeseburgers for life.


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TOLEDO, OHIO — When Alec Karcher heard that his dog Cody was diagnosed with cancer, he decided to pamper his pooch to daily cheeseburgers.

Every day, Karcher went to his local Burger King restaurant to order these plain cheese burgers.

One day, out of curiosity, a Burger King employee asked Karcher why he was ordering plain cheese burgers on a daily basis.

Karcher explained his 10-year-old dog had been diagnosed with cancer and had around 1-3 months to live. /Though heartbroken, they decided to make Cody's last days as enjoyable as possible.

The employee was touched and went to talk to her manager. They decided that Cody would get free cheeseburgers at their Burger King store for life.

Karcher appreciated the gesture and took to Twitter to thank Burger King for their "love and kindness.."

Burger King also responded from their corporate account saying "the world needs more kindness and empathy.."
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