Bungie backs out of livestream event amid rage over Destiny 2

Some speculate Bungie is trying to get gamers to spend more real world money on the game.


NSFW    BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON — Triple-A game developer Bungie have reportedly canceled a livestream event for Destiny 2 following outrage at the revelation of some hush-hush gameplay mechanics.

Reportedly, Bungie admitted to having created a unseen system that throttled player's experience points in Destiny 2 while still displaying it as normal.

In Destiny 2 experience points, or XP, let gamers level up and become more powerful.
The limit is level 20 in Destiny 2, but they can still earn XP and engrams, an in-game currency that lets them buy new stuff for their character.

Bungee scrapped the hidden system, but now experience required for level ups has more or less doubled, reports Gamerant.

Engrams can also be paid for with real world cash, so some speculate this is Bungie's way of getting gamers to spend more money on the $60 game.
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