Bullfighting maestro killed by raging bull after tripping on cape

Award-winning bullfighter Iván Fandiño was killed in France after his cape got in the way of his feet.


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MONT-DE-MARSAN, FRANCE — An award-winning bullfighter has died after, well, being gored to death by a bull on Sunday in southwestern France. He might have escaped the animal’s horns had it not been for the cap that all bullfighters use during bullfights.

Iván Fandiño, the 36-year-old renowned bullfighter, was entertaining a crowd at the Aire-sur-l'Adour bullfighting festival in the town of Mont-de-Marsan, reported by Spanish sports newspaper Marca.

Born in Spain's Basque region, the champion matador has fought hundreds of bulls during his career participating in the controversial bloodsport.

In his last fight, Fandiño faced a 5-year-old bull named Provechito, which is Spanish slang for “burp”. As Fandiño waltzed with the bull, everyone thought he would conquer the beast for sure.

However, his cape got in the way of his footsteps, and the bullfighting maestro tripped and fell to the ground, a momentary stumble that gave the bull just enough time to plunge one of its horns into Fandiño’s chest.

Fandiño suffered puncture wounds to his heart, lungs and kidneys, and died on his way to hospital. He leaves behind a wife and daughter. Fandiño is the second Spanish bullfighter to die in the ring in the last 11 months.
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