Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai is nothing but a China puppet

The Nets owner just let the world know he's nothing but a China puppet.


NSFW    BROOKLYN — The U.S. has a new panda in the mist in the new owner of the Brooklyn Nets—Joe Tsai.
As co-founder of China's Amazon knockoff—Alibaba—billionaire Tsai obviously has a ROCK SOLID relationship with the CCP.
That too close for comfort relationship was on full display after Tsai posted an open letter in response to Rockets GM Daryl Morey's pro-Hong Kong tweet that literally read like Chinese propaganda, but in Engrish.
KD and Kyrie will no doubt soon regret their decision to move to the Commiest team in the league.
For starters...say goodbye to the Brooklyn Nets and say hi to the BrookRn Nets. You know how Chinese get with those pesky L's.
The national anthem is probably going to get a bit less star spangled and way more Big Brothery.
As for the team, don't be surprised if we see a few new faces on the roster as well as some new sponsorship deals.
And as with most things not Beijing's, expect Brooklyn to be now included in new Chinese maps going forward, as well as the introduction of the awesome one country, two systems framework that has failed so miserably in Hong Kong.

Go Brookryn, go Brookrn, go, go, go Brookryn.
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