Britney Spears new single Work B**tch leaked early


NSFW    Celebrity Shorts

Britney Spears’ new single Work Bitch was leaked early in a low quality version on YouTube, upsetting the singer’s plans to get all eyes back on her.

The work, a collaboration with Will.I.Am, is Britney’s first solo offering in many moons and had titillated entertainment sites with promises of it being a a 2013 party anthem.

Work Bitch has a simple message - if you want it you gotta work hard. The lyrics include some stream of consciousness ramblings in Britney’s new mode acapella - the British Britney talking voice.

Debuted in Scream’n’Shout, the British Britney talking voice is well back, old chaps. As she talks her way through the latest single one can only hope she’ll one day dive back into singing.

Britney certainly has been working like a b**ch, getting her famous body back in shape for the obligatory scanty costumes she dons in the yet-to-be-released clip.

But has Britney still got what it takes to be America’s Princess of Pop? Miley Cyrus seems to have taken a wrecking ball to Spear’s former pop princess mantel. The fellow Mickey Mouse Club graduate, like Britney, is in favour of wearing as little clothing as humanly possible in her clips. We can only imagine these wannabes would like to remove their skin as well to perform if that was at all possible - we think Madonna tried that once.
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