British Airways flight from hell finally lands after 3 days

Passengers on a British Airways flight from hell had to go through days of delays before they could make it home to London from Florida.


NSFW    LONDON — British Airways turned what should have been an eight-hour flight home into a hellish three-day ordeal for over two hundred passengers.

The BBC reports that flight 2036 was supposed to leave Orlando past 7 p.m. on Thursday, but passengers were forced to disembark due to a technical issue four hours after waiting in the plane.

They were put in a hotel for the night, but the nightmare continued with more delays, plus lack of communication from BA, whose preferred method of updating passengers was via letter.

The flight flew out of Florida over a day later, but was forced to divert to New York after the plane started dumping fuel and lowering the landing gear in mid-air.

At JFK, it was hours before a BA rep showed, only to tell the disgruntled travelers they had no food or drinks, and not enough accommodations due to the New York Marathon.
Stranded passengers were forced to sleep on the cold hard airport floor for over five hours, among them a young cancer survivor and a toddler celebrating her birthday.

Eventually, they were all herded back onto a plane and finally made it back to London Sunday morning.

Passengers are still furious at having to endure the flight from hell, especially since they say British Airways has yet to apologize sincerely, according to the New York Post.

The airline put out a statement saying sorry, but it also claims its ground team cared for the travelers while they were trapped in New York.
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