Bridge collapses during violent storm in Italy

A bridge was seen collapsing in Genoa, Italy resulting in a number of deaths, missing people and the injured.


NSFW    ITALY — A bridge in Genoa has suddenly collapsed, resulting in a number of casualties, reports The BBC.

In a video posted on social media, a section of the Italian bridge was seen falling during a violent storm.

Vehicles such as cars and trucks were also seen falling from the bridge as it collapsed.

The section of the bridge that fell was around 200 meters long, the BBC reports.

Sections of the bridge were seen collapsing onto the railway lines and the river among other places.

Officials involved in the rescue mission say at least 26 people have been killed as a result of the incident.

There are still at least 15 people injured and some missing as well.

It is still unclear as to why the section of the bridge collapsed, reports CNN.
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