Brianne Altice remorseful for banging students, cries for parole

Convicted Utah teacher Brianne Altice was crying during her parole hearing on Tuesday, claiming she was extremely remorseful for what she did to her students.


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OGDEN, UTAH — After a whole lotta excuses, Utah’s Mrs. Robinson is finally owning up to her crimes, just in time for her parole hearing.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Brianne Altice cried for much of the hearing on Tuesday, claiming she was extremely remorseful for what she’d done to her students, likely in an effort to get herself on a fast-track out of jail.

The 37-year-old was arrested in 2013 for having sex two students aged 16 and 17. She got into even more trouble when it was revealed she had a relationship with a third kid while out on bail.

Altice chalked up her moments of weakness to low self-esteem, reasoning that the boys made her feel so good, she began justifying her inappropriate behavior.

Originally up for 14 felonies, including rape and sodomy, Altice took a plea deal to reduce her charges to three counts of forcible sexual abuse.

She admitted to touching the students’ privates, and the boys themselves testified in a preliminary hearing that they were getting a little something extra from their teacher.

Altice received a prison sentence of two to to 30 years, but her fate ultimately rests in the hands of the parole board, who will reach a decision in 30 days.
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