Brest friendly dolphin causes French swimming ban

A horny dolphin has caused the mayor of a French town to ban swimming and diving on local beaches.


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BREST, FRANCE — A mayor from the city of Brest on the northwest coast of France has banned swimming and diving on local becauses of an over-friendly menace — Zafar the dolphin.

According to the BBC, Zafar has been putting on quite the show for the children by swimming and playing with bathers and kayakers.
The problem now is the dolphin seems to be getting a bit too frisky for the French. Officials have warned that Zafar is looking for close contact with swimmers.
The 10 foot dolphin at first was playing with kayakers in Brest harbor, but then moved south towards the city.

According to Le Telegramme, Zafar has been rubbing up against boats and swimmers, and even in shallow water.
Last month, one swimmer needed assistance after Zafar wouldn't let her get back to shore.
Another kayaker said the dolphin actually leapt over his head, while another Spanish vacationer complained about being confronted by Zafar, who seemed really anxious to interact.
Zafar then one upped himself when he launched a woman out of the water into the air with his nose.
Mayor Roger Lars has banned swimming and diving in areas where the dolphin is spotted, as well as approaching within 50 meters of Zafar.
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