Breastfeeding moms who drink may lower child's cognitive ability

A study conducted by a group of Australian researchers show a child's thinking skills may be affected by the amount of alcohol in their mom's breast milk.


NSFW    AUSTRALIA — A recently published study found that children exposed to alcohol through breast milk may have reduced cognitive abilities.

In the study, breastfeeding moms were asked about their alcohol consumption and their smoking habits with a questionnaire, reports CBS News.

The study was then tested the children of these moms on their vocabulary, nonverbal reasoning, and cognitive processing every two years until the age of 11.

Children of mothers who drank were shown to have lower test scores than those who didn't from age 6 to 7.

However, the effects don't seem to be long-lasting as the same results weren't seen when the children turned 10 to 11.

Dr. Elissa Rubin, medical director of Happy and Healthy Pediatrics, told CBS News that a mother should not breastfeed if she "feels any of the effects of alcohol in her system.."

However, Dr. Rubin said an occasional glass of wine is fine as long as women drink water and eat a full meal afterwards.

Smoking didn't appear to have an effect on children's cognitive ability, however researchers warn it still isn't a good idea to smoke.
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