Breaking Bad Spoiler! Saul Goodman stars in spinoff show


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As far as TV lawyers go, one of the most lovably despicable has to be Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman, heroically portrayed by Bob Odenkirk from Mr Show. Police on your case? Better call Saul! Can’t find a buyer for your Albuquerque Blue? Better call Saul! Now it’s “Series ending abruptly? Better call Saul!” The Saul Goodman show, which will actually be titled after his trademark catchphrase, will be a prequel to Breaking Bad.

Over five seasons Walter White has gone from sympathetic screw up to bloodthirsty drug lord, and Saul shepherded him all the way. But Walt’s ambition has outgrown Saul’s guidance. He’s pretty much gotta die. Such a sudden withdrawal from the story could leave Breaking Bad fans with a bad case of the DTs. So, yet again, its Saul to the rescue. An all-Saul all the time storyline in the Breaking Bad universe might seem like a bit much, but just imagine all the zany hijinx he could get into with his colorful clientele of criminals.

There’s no telling how far into Saul’s past the show could go. Perhaps we can meet the man when he was still named McGill. Did Saul have a moral compass when he was a law student? Or did he get into the legal profession just hoping to catch a big fish like Walter? He might not be the New Mexico Bar Association’s ideal poster boy, but there’s no doubt that Saul Goodman is and will remain New Mexico’s most famous shark.
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