Brawl on Southwest flight; United makes passenger pee in a cup

This week in air travel, a fistfight broke out on a Southwest flight, angry passengers rioted at Fort Lauderdale airport, and a United Airlines passenger says she was made to pee in a cup.


NSFW    BURBANK, CA. / FORT LAUDERDALE, FL. / KANSAS, MI. — With air rage doling out more drama and violence each week than a crazy Mexican telenovela, flying has never been more stressful. And it just keeps getting worse.

CNN reports that the latest incident features a fistfight breaking out between strangers on a Southwest flight as it was deplaning in Burbank airport on Sunday.

Video shows the pair jostling about, as a flight attendant and other passengers tried to get them to stop.

Chaze Mickalo Cable, 37, who threw the first punch, allegedly complained about the passenger behind him messing with his seat. He was arrested for misdemeanor battery. His unnamed victim suffered a contusion, swelling in the left eye, a cut on his nose and a chipped tooth, but continued on to his destination, reports NBC4.

Meanwhile, over at Spirit Airlines, a pilot shortage led to more than 300 flights being cancelled in the last week alone, resulting in thousands of seriously angry passengers.

At Fort Lauderdale airport on Monday, frustrated travelers mobbed the ticket counter, cursing and screaming at airline employees. A fight broke out, and sheriff’s deputies joined the fray to try and contain the ruckus.

Several videos show them pulling people from the crowd, cuffing and then leading them away. Two men and a woman were reportedly arrested.

United Airlines has also been thrust back into the limelight, after a woman claimed she was forced to pee in a cup by flight attendants.

Nicole Harper was stopped from going to the lavatory mid-flight because the fasten seat belt sign was on. After explaining she had an overactive bladder and would either need to use the restroom or do it in a cup ... she was handed a cup.

Harper says it was the treatment she received after that made things even worse. Flight attendants made her dump the pee in the bathroom and said they’d report her. They also claimed a hazmat team would need to clean the row of seats she was sitting in.

Harper tried to get an apology from United but couldn’t get through to customer service. Frustrated, she took to Facebook. And though the airline hasn’t actually said sorry, they are at least looking into it.
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