Brave Arizona man fights off rabid bobcat to rescue German shepherd

When Anthem resident Steven Verschoor saw a wild bobcat attacking a man’s German shepherd, he sprang into action to fight off the rabid feline.


NSFW    ANTHEM, ARIZONA — A Facebook video shows an Arizona man springing to action when a rabid bobcat begins attacking a poor dog. The man ends up being locked into a battle with the large feline using only his bare hands.

According to the Daisy Mountain Fire Department, a man was walking his German shepherd, when a bobcat began to chase the pair. That is when 54-year-old Steve Verschoor sprang into action to try to fight off the feisty feline.

Verschoor tried to get rid of the bobcat by attempting to swing it into the street, twice, however, it simply would not let go of his hands. The bobcat was finally shaken loose before running off in the direction of the Anthem Country Club.

The bobcat was later caught in a storm drain and killed by Maricopa County sheriff’s deputies. Officials from the Arizona Game and Fish Department confirmed on Monday that the animal had rabies.

Verschoor, who is still waiting for the results of a rabies test, told AZCentral that he has no regrets about his actions. His daughter has set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to pay for her dad’s medical expenses, so far, the page has received more than $4,500.

In an interview with 12 News, Verschoor expressed regret that the bobcat had to be put down, but commented that once wild animals get a taste for human blood, you simply gotta take action.
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