Boy survives being impaled by skewer through face and skull

If a foot-long skewer through the face doesn't kill you — nothing will.


NSFW    HARRISONVILLE, MISSOURI — A 10-year-old boy is still kicking after being impaled by a foot-long meat skewer over the weekend.
According to the Kansas City Star, Xavier Cunningham fell from a tree house after being attacked by a bunch of yellow jacket wasps on September 8.
He then landed on the metal skewer, which went through his face and penetrated his skull, all the way to the back of his head.

Xavier was rushed to a local emergency room, then transferred to another hospital, before ending up at the University of Kansas Hospital.

Surgeons were amazed that the skewer had missed his eye, brain and spinal cord.

In a nerve-racking hours long surgery, the skewer was successfully removed. Xavier is now recovering in the hospital.
His family has set up a GoFundMe page called the "Missouri Miracle" to help cover the medical costs.
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