Boy's feet infected with parasitic hookworms after beach trip

A teen suffered parasitic hookworms in his feet after his friends buried him in the sand at the beach.


NSFW    MIAMI, FLORIDA — Who knew a trip to the beach could result in a nasty infection underneath your skin?

During a trip to Miami, Florida with his friends, Michael Duma, 17, contracted a nasty hookworm infection in his feet, reports Metro.

Duma and his friends went to Pompano beach, where Duma was reportedly buried in the sand for fun.

Soon after, he developed painful, itchy rashes on his feet.

He visited a doctor and found out he had contracted a parasitic infection — hookworms had taken up residence under his skin.

His mom took to Facebook to share the story saying that it has "become our nightmare" and are now warning others about the "dangers of the beach."

She also she had to get him four different medications which cost around $1,300...that's a lot of money and that's including insurance.
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