Boris Johnson has Queen put parliament in time out

Parliament is going to be suspended for five weeks before Brexit.


NSFW    LONDON — Britain's new Prime Minister Boris Johnson threw down the gauntlet this week on Brexit by setting in motion the suspension of the UK parliament.
Parliament is going to be put in time out for five weeks ahead of doomsday on October 31 when the UK is set to say sayonara to the EU

B.J. made the dramatic move by asking the Queen to suspend parliament. Although this is just a formality, it would have been unprecedented had she refused. She did—not.

Johnson is proroguing he says to give his administration a fresh start to set out its "very exciting agenda."
But look past the hair and you see the real reason for the move—Brexit.
By putting parliament on ice between Sept. 11 and Oct. 14, PMs would only have two weeks to stop or stall the UK's likely divorce with the EU on the 31st.
Boris was a key figure in the Leave campaign and has promised to complete the break up "do or die"—with or without a deal.

Many fear a no deal Brexit would hammer the British economy, shoot up prices and restrict access to the UK's biggest market.
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