Bored Chinese woman stung by bees after trying to catch them

A bored woman in China got a face full of painful bee stings after she went up the mountain to try and catch some.


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CHINA — Even though the rest of the world knows it's a bad idea to try and steal honey from under a bee's nose, one Chinese woman apparently didn't get the memo.

In a video circulating on Chinese social media, the woman can be seen talking to the camera with a puffed up face full of stings, explaining how she got into her current predicament.

While bored one day, she said she decided to go up to the mountains to try and catch some bees.

But while she made it up the mountain and found her honeypot, that's where her luck ended. The bees were not happy with auntie trying to get at their honeycomb, so they expressed their displeasure with stings — lots of 'em.

Following her failed attempt, the now swollen-faced auntie trudged down the mountain and filmed her explanation of the incident.

On the bright side … guess who probably isn't bored anymore?
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