Boob Blogger ‘Happy Zhang Jiang' is very happy right now

A popular Shanghai blogger who we don’t know the gender of, asked his/her/its readers for boob pictures for a ‘best boobs’ contest. Well over 3000 women sent in pics.


NSFW    Popular Shanghai blogger Happy Zhang Jiang, whom we aren’t sure is a man, woman, webbot or a corporation, has taken the objectification of women to the next level with his/her/its ‘contest’ last year that simply sought China’s “Most Beautiful Bosoms.”

The rules were not very complicated: send Zhang Jiang a pic of “yourself with the words ‘Happy Zhang Jiang’ written on yourself.”

Well over 3,000 Chinese women bravely heeded Zhang Jiang’s call, something we’re sure made Happy Zhang Jiang even extra happy.

Candidates are screened by a panel of judges who then rendered their verdicts.

But the judges are not just lustful pervs, as titles will awarded to both the “largest boobs,” and “the smallest boobs,” but the ultimate champion wins “most beautiful boobs.” See? It’s art!

Men are not allowed to participate, but disturbingly, some parents thought sending in pics of their young kids was acceptable.

Um, maybe moving back to blatantly sexist beauty pageants would be a step in right direction.
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