Bonnie Tyler will sing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart' for solar eclipse

Interested in listening to the pop smash hit ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ while watching the solar eclipse? Didn’t think so.


NSFW    FLORIDA — Bonnie Tyler is set to perform her 1983 smash hit “Total Eclipse of the Heart” during the August 2017 solar eclipse onboard Royal Caribbean’s Total Eclipse Cruise.

The Oasis of the Seas ship will sail on Sunday from Florida for the Caribbean, Time magazine reported. It will position itself right in the path of totality for the performance.

“The eclipse of the sun lasts two minutes and 40 seconds, I’m told,” Tyler told Time. “Unlike my song. It had to be chopped about, because it was so long.”

For those not able to watch the performance, don’t worry, the actual solar eclipse will be much more interesting.

Joe Jonas and his pop group DNCE are also scheduled to perform for the ship full of old Floridian retirees.
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