Bodycam video shows Florida officer wrestling with alligator

Boynton Police Officer Alfredo Vargas responded a call from a local homeowner about an alligator at the front door of his house. The officer decided to catch it with his bare hands.


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BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA — Bodycam footage shows this police officer taking matters into his own hands to deal with an alligator trespassing on the front porch of a Florida beach house.

Officer Alfredo Vargas and his colleagues responded to a call few of weeks ago from a resident of Hunter's Run about an alligator lying by the homeowner's front door, local media NBC-affiliate WPTV reported.

Being told that it would take Florida Wildlife Conservation trapper about 30 minutes to arrive, and the gator would probably be killed once captured, Officer Vargas decided to deal with the situation himself. Before becoming a police officer in 2004, Vargas learned how to handle and wrestle gators at The Native Village — a wildlife sanctuary — in Hollywood, Florida.

Vargas put his skills to good use by trying to get the gator away from the front door, but after the roped slipped several times, so he switched to a different technique. Vargas was able to trick the gator, which stopped fighting him, allowing the officer to grab the reptile with his bare hands.

Conservation officials told Vargas that he could release the gator back to its natural habitat, so he drove alligator to a canal.

The video, posted by the Boynton Beach Police Department, video has so far been viewed more than 9,600 times, with many viewers complimenting how Officer Vargas handled the situation.

The Police Department later joked that they made Vargas their official alligator wrestler without telling him.
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