Bodycam video shows baby born along Iowa highway

Police bodycam footage captures the moments after a woman delivers her baby inside a pickup parked on the side of a highway in Iowa.


NSFW    WEST LIBERTY, IOWA — It was a doozy of a morning for a copper and two new parents, after their baby ended up being born on the side of a highway in Iowa.

According to the West Liberty Police Department, Officer Josh Houser responded to a call about a woman in labor on Highway 6 at around 6:37 a.m. Friday.

By the time he got there, mom Ali Shellabarger had already popped the kid out in the front seat of her husband Jay's pickup.

Bodycam footage shows Houser arriving mere seconds after the baby's first breath. He sees Dad still on the phone with dispatch, and witnesses him tying the infant's umbilical cord off with string.

The little newborn is then seen in the truck, nestled snugly against mom.

Baby Iris and her maker were checked by an ambulance and later taken to the hospital. West Liberty police reports that the family is doing well.

Officer Houser, meanwhile, now wants to be called Doogie, after the genius title character played by Neil Patrick Harris in the 90s medical drama "Doogie Howser, M.D."
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