Body cam video shows cop shoot man's pit bull dead after false alarm

When Deputy Tolle heard the pit bull barking as he came sprinting toward him, he fired several shots. The dog did not die instantly.


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PAHRUMP, NEVADA — Two months ago, a man in Nevada opened his front door to find his 6-year-old pit bull twitching in a bloody heap. The dog had been shot by a cop who immediately claimed the dog was charging at him.

On April 10, Gary Miller was at his home when he accidentally triggered his house alarm by sitting on his keys. The home security company called him to confirm a breach, and he responded saying there was no problem.

Deputy John Tolle, who was responding to the call, claims he did not get that message, and showed up at Miller’s residence. In the backyard, Gary Miller’s pit bull, Blu, heard Deputy Tolle entering through the front gate, and sprinted out to investigate. When Deputy Tolle heard the dog barking and saw the dog running toward him, he immediately grabbed his gun. What happened next was captured on the officer’s body camera. The footage was released to the public on June 10.

Following the incident, the sheriff’s department issued a press release stating “the dog charged the deputy,” and “attempted to attack him,” which posed “an evolving threat” from an “aggressive animal.”

The sheriff claims two recent pit bull attacks in the area likely contributed to Deputy Tolle’s fear and quick trigger response. She added Officer Tolle did not follow procedure properly, and should have banged on the gate to see if a dog was on the property.

An activity report obtained from the home security company by ABC News shows a police dispatcher was contacted and informed of the false alarm. The dispatcher said the deputy was en route and made assurances he would be updated. For whatever reason, Deputy Tolle apparently did not receive that information in time.

Gary Miller says Blu, who was rescued by the family as a puppy, was cremated by officials without his consent.
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