Bloomberg soda ban overturned by court


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The large soda you see here was just a day away from becoming illegal in New York City... but not this Big Gulp at the 7-11. Confused?

So was Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling. In a 37-page ruling, Tingling called Mayor Michael Bloomberg's soda ban "arbitrary" with too many loopholes. Tingling said the rule couldn't be implemented without the approval of New York City council.

Bloomberg insists the Board of Health has the power to enforce the ban. He vowed to appeal. Bloomberg said, "Being the first to do something is never easy. When we began this process, we knew we would face lawsuits. Anytime you adopt a ground-breaking policy, special interest groups will sue. That's America."

Yes, Mayor Bloomberg. Special interest groups like to sue. That is America. But what happened to the America where people had the freedom to make their own choices? Starbucks said it would defy the ban because the rules were too confusing. If a beverage contains more than 50% milk, the ban doesn't apply. With the court ruling, common sense and personal freedom prevail, for now. Hey mayor, we'll drink to that.
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